Poem - The Sunset Argument

I haven't written a poem for many many years now, but recently I was going through some old sketchbooks and found one that I did not remember writing at all, I was quite impressed. So I tarted it up and thought I'd share it with you.

I met her at sunset
to finish an argument
that she hadn't won yet.
as usual, I forget
why it was that
she was so upset.
Still we stayed standing there,
screaming so fast that
I didn't have a breath spare.
I stopped listening
as my mind wandered elsewhere;
Just to the right of my eye
I caught the lake glistening
It had me mesmerised.
The water was calm and clear
reflecting the summer sky
and mimicking the butterflies.
I could have happily stayed there.
The scene was perfect,
well at least very near,
were it not for her
still screaming in my ear.

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Solo said...

Very nice, and I just only yesterday made a poem on the bus, ask me about it sometime.