First post of 2010

Hello again, and Happy New Year (I'll probably still be greeting people this way until March!)

Hope you all had a great festive season and break. This year I tried to have a hand-made Christmas, opting to make everyone their gifts. For my god son I painted 3 small water-colour images of a boy and his space adventure! I put them in a frame (that had been 'resting' behind my door) which I painted white. I was pretty happy with the result, and the important thing...his parents loved it!

For my parents I am going to (yes I haven't done it yet) paint them something for the living room, which I have been promising them since I was 15! I have chosen to paint on a BIG canvas, very daunting for me as I haven't touched a canvas for years! My floor is filled with 'rubbings' and pencil shavings, needless to say, it's all going very slowly, but I'm still optimistic I can get get it done by the end of the week!

*apologises for the horrendous quality of image, rubbish phone camera.

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Kyri Kyprianou said...

Cool! Very cute idea, viva Artemios!