The Shed By GeoNeo

Once upon a time a great shed was built. It was tall, white, with a slate roof and a delightful welcome mat. I would spend all of my time there drawing and working, during GCSEs, A-Levels, my foundation, my Degree, I would watch movies in it and even get drunk in it.

But alas time was not kind to this shed, we would slowly fill it up with clutter and furniture to the point where there wasn't a single space left untouched. Once I began to work in the studio the shed was even more neglected and I began spending very little time in it, near to none.

But this is not a tale of woe, for the shed has been re-built with extra love and care, re-storing it to its former glory! Ridding it of all the unnecessary mess and junk, and instead placing in it a sweeping bookcase to store all of man's wonderful books...and DVDs!

I am so happy about this I decided to share it here on my blog...


RAWLS said...

wow... beautiful! Come redo my shed for me!!

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Lovin this, I'm coming over now!!