Cory Godbey

This morning I was happily woken up to find large envelope on my doorstep. Inside the envelope was an original sketch by Cory Godbey. This is special for two reasons:

1.) It's an original sketch by Cory Godbey!
2.) Cory does not normally ship to England.

But wait, there is more, he also sent me a beautiful signed print! So this post is a little sign of my appreciation.

Thank you Cory!

For those who don't already have his site bookmarked, check it out.
And if you live in America, check out his shop and buy something!

*UPDATE!* Cory sent me an e-mail saying:

"Oh, and due to requests, I've updated my Etsy shop to include provisions for international shipping. My new sketchbook is listed to ship anywhere in the world, and I can make custom listing to ship any other items internationally."

So no one has any excuses now, go buy something! :D

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RAWLS said...

Cory does rock indeed!